2021 Potomac Chapter Annual Meeting

Our chapter held its annual meeting on November 14, 2021, to conduct business and most importantly, to celebrate and recognize our many accomplishments, as well as the members, volunteers, and leaders who contributed in making the best of a very tough year, with the continued need for social distancing, remote gatherings, and all the resulting logistical challenges and demands brought about by the pandemic.

But 2021 was also a year of continued growth for the chapter – not only in membership, but also in the number and variety of events we have been able to offer as an organization.

How can we measure the success of the year?

By having offered over 98 programs, getting people outside on 144 days — a remarkable 80% increase over 2020!

• Hiking increased by 42% over 2020
• Backpacks trips increased by 42%
• Padding programs were back with 6 offerings (including overnight trips)
• Conservation programs doubled
• Social events (all online) increased tenfold, while we remained vigilant

To demonstrate and celebrate our success this year, membership from across the organization contributed photos capturing memories and the friendships made during the course of the year, which we are sharing through the video below.

We were also fortunate to have Ranger Comer of Shenandoah National Park join us, providing all in attendance with a presentation covering the beautiful and wonderful history of Shenandoah National Park, certainly one of the crown jewels of our region. Her presentation and lecture is available below.

We are all cautiously optimistic and hopeful for an eventual return to normalcy in 2022, and look forward to continuing the growth in activity, conservation, and social programs going into the new year.

Hope to see you outdoors very soon. Happy Trails!

The Potomac AMC Executive Committee

Meeting materials from the November 2021 Annual Meeting can be found here.

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