2021 Potomac Chapter Annual Meeting

Our chapter held its annual meeting on November 14, 2021, to conduct business and most importantly, to celebrate and recognize our many accomplishments, as well as the members, volunteers, and leaders who contributed in making the best of a very tough year, with the continued need for social distancing, remote gatherings, and all the resultingContinue reading “2021 Potomac Chapter Annual Meeting”

Places to Paddle: Upper James River Water Trail

By Rich Batiuk Members of the Potomac and New York/North Jersey Chapters joined together in April 2021 for three days paddling and camping on the majestic upper James River in western Virginia as the currents carried them through the Blue Ridge Mountains.  This was an expedition paddle: participants carried their gear and food down riverContinue reading “Places to Paddle: Upper James River Water Trail”

Places to Paddle: Pocomoke River

Here in the mid-Atlantic region, we are blessed with a wide diversity of places we can paddle, from whitewater rivers which will challenge experts to seemingly endless tidal creeks snaking around saltwater marshes and everything in-between.  In addition, we are fortunate to have a growing number of water trails being established and mapped, again acrossContinue reading “Places to Paddle: Pocomoke River”