Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (ExComm) of the Potomac Chapter is a group of dedicated volunteers that oversees all Chapter programs and coordinates with AMC Headquarters. If you’re interested in volunteering with any of the ExComm committees contact the Chapter Chair. The 2021 Executive Committee was elected in November 2020 and is listed below.

Chapter Officers
Chair, Lisa Novins
Vice Chair, Peter Mason
Treasurer, Rich Batuik
Secretary, Kathy Campbell

Committee Chairs
Communications Chair, Scott Kaiser
Conservation Chair, Laura Falender
Excursions Chair, David Mong
Family Outings Chair, Vacant
Leadership Chair, Paul Rowe
Membership Chair, Peter Mason
Social Chair, Vacant
Young Members Chair, Vacant

At-Large Members
Member-at-Large, Kate Lawrence
Member-at-Large, Randy Turk
Member-at-Large, Kate Ratcliffe

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