Places to Paddle: Upper James River Water Trail

By Rich Batiuk Members of the Potomac and New York/North Jersey Chapters joined together in April 2021 for three days paddling and camping on the majestic upper James River in western Virginia as the currents carried them through the Blue Ridge Mountains.  This was an expedition paddle: participants carried their gear and food down riverContinue reading “Places to Paddle: Upper James River Water Trail”

Get to Know the Capital Trails Coalition

By Ken Shuck If you live in the Washington DC metropolitan area (i.e., the District, Alexandria, and the counties of Prince Georges, Montgomery, Arlington, and Fairfax), are you aware that there are over 450 miles of multiuse trails available to you? Or that there is an organization, the Capital Trails Coalition (CTC), working to create and supportContinue reading “Get to Know the Capital Trails Coalition”